Company Profile

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SE Mutual Insurance

Mission Statement

To remove doubts and fears by providing reassurance, education and protection, allowing clients to focus on their future.

Vision Statement

We strive to:

– Dream big, never shy away from a challenge, using innovative ways to be an industry leader.
– Promote safety awareness so local families can enjoy life.
– Be a community champion in promoting a more sustainable world for future generations.

Core Values

We believe in…

Community. Supporting local communities and groups through financial giving and volunteering.
Honesty. Keeping our promises and committing to do business with ethics, consistency and fairness.
Organization. Embracing change and the opportunities it creates to provide high value to our members.
Responsibility. The importance of long-term financial stability along with the sound management of the organization’s assets.
Unity. Our People: members, directors, employees, agents, brokers and business partners, are the strength of our organization.
Service. Developing new and innovative products that allow us to provide exceptional service to our clients.


What is a Mutual Insurance Company?

Simply put, a Mutual is owned by its policyholders, aka members (there are no shareholders here). Our focus is on protecting the interests of our members, by offering insurance coverage and options that are tailored to life in New Brunswick.

Operating locally gives us the flexibility to adapt to change and make decisions quickly. It also means that the majority of your earned premium dollars (97%) stay right here in New Brunswick! Not many insurance companies can say that.

SE Mutual is NB's largest locally-owned insurance company. We are proud to do business on behalf of our members, in New Brunswick.

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