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Our Roots: The Story of SouthEastern Mutual Insurancewilltruman

In 1938, a group of twelve farmers from Westmorland, Albert and Kent Counties, New Brunswick, decided to take matters into their own hands.

At the time, many farmers were unable to get insurance at acceptable rates, while others were unable to get it at all. Times were tough in the late 30’s and a fire could destroy a lifetime of hard work, leaving a family homeless and hopeless.

These twelve farmers came together with the common interest of protecting their families’ livelihood; sharing a vision of an affordable means for themselves and other farmers to insure their properties. On November 23rd, 1938, SouthEastern Mutual Insurance Company was born.

Over the years, SouthEastern Mutual Insurance has evolved as a company. For instance: today, we offer home, auto, farm, tenant and business insurance policies. In addition, we’ve trimmed our name to “SE Mutual”.  Furthermore, we are continuing to expand our presence in the province by partnering with brokerages in regions outside of southeastern New Brunswick.

In photo: Will Truman, farmer from Pointe De Butte, NB. One of the twelve founders of South Eastern Mutual Fire Insurance Company.                   

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