Financial Statements

Ever wonder where your insurance premiums go?

Nothing is kept secret at SE Mutual. Our members have full access to yearly financial statements. In other words, you get to see where your dollars are going. SE Mutual is proud to be among a group of 58 Canadian mutual insurance companies, which comprise one of the largest insurers in the country and one of the most secure in the world.

As a mutual insurance company, SE Mutual has no shareholders. We work for the best collective interests of our members.

Recent Financial Statements:

2023 Annual Statement

2022 Annual Statement

2021 Annual Statement

2020 Annual Statement

2019 Annual Statement

2018 Annual Statement

2017 Annual Statement

2017 Condensed Financial Statements

2016 Annual Statement

2016 Condensed Financial Statement

2016 Financial Statement

2015 Annual Statement

2015 Condensed Financial Statement

2015 Financial Statement

2014 Annual Statement

2014 Condensed Financial Statement

2014 Financial Statement

2013 Annual Statement

2013 Condensed Financial Statement

2013 Financial Statement

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