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Insurance: Replacement Cost vs Actual Cost Value

October 9, 2018

Image source: “Strohm Family Room” by DC Interiors & Renovations– Under Creative Commons License As a homeowner, you probably purchased a home insurance policy because: You have a mortgage and the bank requires you to have insurance, and/or; You enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you won’t bear the bulk of the financial impact…

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Free Community BBQ August 12, 2017

August 9, 2017

SEM wants to say thanks! Please visit us on Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 10am to 2pm at our head office located at 663 Pinewood Road in Riverview for our free Community Appreciation BBQ. Come meet our agents and staff who live, work and play in southeastern New Brunswick. There will be a free BBQ,…

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SouthEastern Mutual Insurance Company joins MCCG

June 14, 2017

SouthEastern Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with MCCG by selecting the Insurance Business Solution (IBS) for their enterprise back-office solution and joining the MCCG Client Community. The IBS product will provide SouthEastern with enhanced technology to service their policyholders, agents and brokers, while delivering efficiencies to their internal operations. Joining this community will also provide…

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Congratulations to our two new CIPs!

November 10, 2015

Congratulations to Michelle Bourque and Brenda Ryder on being awarded their Chartered Insurance Professional Designations! Your second family at SouthEastern Mutual is very proud of you. We know how many years of hard work, dedication (and sometimes frustration) it takes to achieve this and we couldn’t be happier for you!

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SouthEastern Mutual Receives the Greater Moncton Excellence Award for Excellence in Business Small and Medium Enterprise

October 24, 2014

20 representatives of SouthEastern Mutual were in attendance at the Greater Moncton Excellence Awards Gala on October 22, to witness a company milestone. SouthEastern Mutual Insurance Company was the proud recipient of the 2014 Greater Moncton Excellence Award for Excellence in Business, Small and Medium Enterprise. President and CEO, Darrel Coates, was joined on stage by current staff…

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Deer and Moose Crossings on the Rise as Leaves Fall

September 29, 2014

Fall is the picturesque time of year when Mother Nature paints a palette of reds, oranges and yellows for us all to admire; it’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of it all. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the season of falling leaves also brings a substantial rise in…

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FireFit Corporate Challenge

August 22, 2014

A team of SouthEastern Mutual agents and staff participated in the FireFit Corporate Relay Challenge, held Friday August 15th. The team jokingly named itself team “Over The Hill”, yet delivered a performance that earned them a spot in the second round. They were enthusiastically cheered on from the sidelines by their colleagues and spouses. The event was…

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Scholarship Application Video

June 27, 2014

SouthEastern Mutual recently awarded its twelve $500 annual scholarships. One of the applications we received really stood out, since it was the first time an applicant prepared a video as part of their application. We think this video by Alicia Daigle is really great and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

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Winter vs. All-season Tires

November 21, 2013

We’ve all heard someone say they use their all-season tires year-round. But are all-seasons really meant to be used year-round? The answer: It depends on where you live. According to Michelin, all-season tires are designed to give balanced dry and wet performance and “acceptable snow traction in regions with light winter weather”. In New Brunswick,…

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Tap into the Sweet Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

October 30, 2013

A recent study, presented at the 7th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics in Québec City, revealed some pretty sweet information about maple syrup. The study led by Dr. André Marette, Ph.D., compared the glycemic index of maple syrup to that of other common sweeteners such as table sugar, corn syrup,…

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Understanding Insurance Basics

Learn more about Insurance from this informative document prepared by the “Financial Consumer Agency of Canada”