Notice of Annual General Meeting

SouthEastern Mutual Insurance will be holding its Annual Meeting of policyholders on Friday April 21st, 2017 at 12:00pm, at the Cocoa Room, 391 Coverdale Rd, Riverview NB.

A complimentary noon lunch will be served.

The purpose of the meeting is:

  • To receive the 2016 Audited Financial Statements
  • To approve Bylaw changes
  • To elect two (2) directors
  • To appoint auditors for 2017; and
  • To transact other business which may properly be brought before the meeting

A copy of the audited statements will be available on the Corporation’s website on or before April 21st, 2017, or a member may obtain copies by sending a written request to the Corporation’s Head Office.

Claire Fanning, FCIP MBA